I’ve Joined Patreon

Exciting news, friends! I’ve joined Patreon!

What’s Patreon, you ask?

Patreon is a crowdfunding site that gives creators a way to earn money. Here’s how it works. If you think my research is worth supporting, you can become a ‘patron’ of Economics from the Top Down. As a patron, you’ll donate a small amount monthly. In return, you’ll get the following perks (depending on your membership):

  1. A thank-you on the Supporters page
  2. Quarterly research updates
  3. Access to all of my published papers
  4. A signed copy of my book Rethinking Economic Growth Theory from a Biophysical Perspective
  5. Access to the Economics from the Top Down file drawer, which contains all the data and code for my posts

Why become a patron?

The world is headed for a crisis. We’re pumping out CO2 at an alarming rate, burning every fossil fuel we can, all the while letting inequality explode. Amidst this oncoming catastrophe, mainstream economists are asleep at the wheel. Instead of studying reality, economists study fantasy worlds.

I’m working to change this.

I created this blog to discuss new ideas in economics — ideas that are grounded in reality. I work hard to cut through the bullshit that is rife in economics. Needless to say, this takes time and energy. So if you enjoy my writing, consider becoming a patron.


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