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Greetings readers. For some time now, I’ve been uncomfortable with the fact that WordPress (who hosts this site) inserts ads into the content. It’s annoying. But more importantly, it goes against much of what this blog stands for.

My goal in this blog is to do science — to dispassionately look at the evidence. Having ads cheapens (or at least distracts from) this goal. So for some time, I’ve been thinking about getting rid of ads.

Today I finally did it. I got rid of ads on Economics from the Top Down. As part of this change, you’ll also notice a new domain name. The site is now called (not Don’t worry about changing your browsing habits. The old domain will forward to the new one.

I want to thank the patrons of Economics from the Top Down for making this possible. Your donations more than offset the costs of getting rid of ads.

On another note, I’ve been posting here less frequently than in the past. This isn’t because I’ve stopped writing. (I’ve been writing more than ever.) It’s that my focus has changed. The blogosphere is full of short posts that are surface deep. Going forward, I’m going to buck this trend. I’m going to create in-depth posts that dig deep into the chosen topic.

I have two reasons for doing this. First, it’s how I think. I’m a big-picture thinker who wants to tie many strands of evidence together. You can’t do this in a short post. Second, in-depth material is more useful for rethinking economics. So going forward, most posts on this blog are going to be long.

Speaking of long posts, I have a mammoth one coming down the pipes. It’s going to take a fresh look at free-market ideology. Stay tuned.

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