The Capital as Power Forum Lives Again!

Nothing says 1990s like an ‘internet forum’. Nothing says 2000s like a ‘blog’. And nothing says 2010s like ‘social media’. As we contemplate how social media is ruining our society, let’s hearken back to a simpler day. Yes, I’m writing this on a blog. But today I want to talk about internet forums — specifically the Capital as Power Forum, which has recently relaunched.

The Capital as Power Forum is a place where you can talk about radical political economy. Yes, you can do that on social media. But internet forums offer a place where you can go into more detail. There’s no flashy feed. There’s no ‘promoted’ content. There’s just people and their ideas.

Some history

The original Capital as Power Forum launched in 2013. Since then, it’s been home to many fascinating discussions. The Capital as Power Forum is where I first discussed my research on energy use and the growth of large institutions. And it’s where I first wrote about how income inequality relates to the payout of corporate dividends.

Like all good things, the old forum eventually came to an end. The problem was that the site’s code was archaic and impossible to maintain. After much headbanging, it became obvious that the only option was a reboot. That’s been in the works for a while now, and it’s finally ready.

The Capital as Power Forum 2.0

The new forum is up and running. Click the image below to check it out. We’re still ironing out some issues, so if you have a problem let us know ( I’m looking forward to some interesting discussions!

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