Hierarchy, Zoom Bombed

An artist’s enemy is obscurity …

Cory Doctorow

Like art, the dirty secret of science is that much of it remains painfully obscure. A scientist might spend years collecting and analyzing data, only to have their paper read by a handful of people. Such is the nature of highly specialized work.

And so it came as a surprise when my recent talk ‘Redistributing Income Through Hierarchy’ got zoom bombed. The host, York University, had assumed that obscurity would guarantee security. After all, who would waste their afternoon interrupting a technical talk by a decidedly unfamous speaker?

Well, it turns out that when it comes to my research on hierarchy and income, someone was motivated enough to zoom bomb it. And that pleases me greatly. It’s a sign that my research is circulating widely, reaching circles who vehemently dislike it. That’s something to celebrate!

Since I had the afternoon free after the seminar was postponed, I recorded the talk and posted it to YouTube. If you want to see the live version, it’s been rescheduled for January 21, 2022. I’ll share details when they’re available.

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  1. Enjoyed the presentation. Immediately thought of education as a factor for the degree of despotism. The growth of the professional elite in corporations has contributed to the income inequality.

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